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Hi my name is Maria, April 2012 I lost my mom she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer October 2009, she went thru chemo and treatments but she lost her battle, she was a fighter and brave never complain about pain or anything else but I new how much she was suffering, I miss her so much and I wish that soon a cure will be find for this terrible illness.

~Maria,New York, NY

Hello, I am Madison my aunt Louisa was diagnosed 5 years ago with Ovarian Cancer but when we volunteers shouted out T.E.A.L. it became a big thing to people all around the world now every September we do a walk for all people who survived been diagnosed with it even just someone that you know and we show every body that we can make change just by doing this walk I Madison Bellocchio think that i can do any thing just by walking for my aunt Louisa McGregor and ill never forget about her!Thank you for reading this!

~Madison Bellocchio
  Staten Island, NY

Thank God and my great Doctor at UConn I am a 6 year ovarian cancer survivor. I have walked for the Komen foundation for the past 5 yrs and yesterday I walked for the American Cancer Society . but they are all about breast cancer I am happy to see someone is trying to spread the word about ovarian cancer. my cancer started from endemetriotis about 10 yrs ago which my doctor said was probably just a change of life so I wasn't to concerned then 6 years ago with in 8 weeks I got bloated felt sick thought I had the flu it to the point that I
could only eat one ramen noodle I was so weak I knew something was wrong I don't drive and hospital was only down the hill maybe 4 blocks away so I started to walk to hospital my son was with me i almost collapsed my so called 911 and an ambulance I was taken to the hospital I was running a fever that was about 1pm at 3am I was told I had Cancer but they said it was cervical I was admitted and had my stomach drained of 3 liters of fluids then a pelvic ultrasound was done it was confirmed it was ovarian cancer not cervical. Over the past few years I had become so anemic they were going to transfuse me . but left me go home 2 days later Set up an appointment at UConn where I had a very special cancer staff and I was to meet my oncology Doctor in a few days well I was so sick the day I met her she admitted me on the spot cleared her schedule for next day and did my surgery she said I scared her my blood pressure kept dropping plus they gave me 4 liters blood and did 6 months chemo . But thank god and my great doctors
I am here today . I am happy to see someone is trying to get the word out about ovarian cancer and getting the symptoms out there. I wish I had known the symptoms long before I got this cancer ~Elizabeth Hird, CT

Hi my name is Noraima I'm only 22 years old, and i represent the Teal Monkeys thats lead by Wanda Aponte. She is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer but I also walk in memory of my grandmother that passed away last year of Ovarian Cancer. I would like to help and get the word out about Ovarian Cancer.

~Noraima Martinez, NY

In 2008 my dear sister in law Angie was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She battled for 2 years, chemo cycles and treatments. Never once did she complain, she was determined to beat this disease. In 2010 our lovely beautiful Angie at the age of 45 was taken from our family.Our family has been involved with organizations like T.E.A.L and it will always be one of missions in life to Tell Every Amazing Lady we meet about Ovarian Cancer. We will find a CURE!

Jana Donnelly
Westminster, CA

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