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"In 2008 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. I had every gynecological test every year. This included 2 transvaginal sono. 2 pelvic exams etc. The only thing I did not have and did not know about was CA125. I was getting stomach pains which was not unusual because I have IBS. My gastro. Dr. did a colonoscopy and I was fine. It wasn't until I blew up like a balloon and took a Ct that they found ovarian cancer with ascities fluid from my pelvis to around my lung which collapsed. My CA125 was 4,000 at that time."

~Sharyn Braunstein
Fresh meadows, New York

"On October 24, 2011 I lost my dearest grandmother to ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed about a year ago when she was only 65. She had her surgery only 6 months ago and the surgery was success. Everything was taken out and she started on chemo. My Nana was so positive and so optimistic about everything that no matter what happened, everything was going to be okay. Soon after, she fell down the stair and went into a psychotic outbreak which put her in the hospital. The cancer had spread to her brain at this time. But she was such a fighter and stubborn woman that she didn't want anymore radiation. She refused to be sick anymore from the medication. Her family stuck by here though thick and thin. My Nana was loved by so many people and she had such a support system. We all held her hand until the end. I couldn't start to describe how much my grandmother meant to me. She was my rock, my shoulder to cry on, and the one who would run her fingers though my hair when i was sad. When I think back now, through the time she was struggling most, I held her hand and ran my fingers though her hair. Ovarian cancer is horrible but I'm so proud to say that my Nana was a fighter!"

~Tashia Tyo
Binghamton, NY
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