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Tell Every Amazing Lady® offers a range of support to OVARIAN CANCER SURVIVORS, CARE GIVERS and FAMILY MEMBERS touched by Ovarian Cancer.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us by email info@tealwalk.org or by phone 917-310-4835

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You'll find information below on topics like Genetic Testing, Clinical Trials, Fertility Support, Guidance, General Support, Home Support, Diet, Beauty Support, and Financial Resources.

T.E.A.L.® has many partnerships with organizations that can be used as referrals for whatever your needs may be. If you can't find something specific that you are looking for here, please contact us directly at 917-310-4835 or info@tealwalk.org. We have many resources available to us that we'd be happy to share. All of them may not be listed on this page.

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NYC FREE Workshops at Our Community Center

Learn how to meditate, gain information about what to ask when you go for genetic testing, or meet a new friend who's been through what you're going through at one of our free workshops in our Windsor Terrace/ Park Slope Brooklyn T.E.A.L.® Community Center.  Workshop topics change all the time and are run by volunteers. These workshops are open to anyone who's been touched by Ovarian Cancer whether it be a survivor, caregiver, family member or friend. We also invite the general public to learn more about Ovarian Cancer at some of our educational events. Visit www.tealwalk.org/workshops for the current schedule and to learn how to RSVP to an event.

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Share your story on our website. Our testimonial page is a great way to let others know about what you have gone through which in return can inspire, and even alert someone to symptoms or treatments. Share your experience with Ovarian Cancer, our annual T.E.A.L.® Walk, or any other story you have relating to this disease. We want to hear from you! We also have a volunteer writer available who can interview you to document your story on our website. Contact us if you're interested.

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Connect with other survivors on our blog. T.E.A.L.® now has a new survivor blog! Talk to other survivors, compare stories, ask questions and motivate those currently going through treatment! T.E.A.L.®'s Survivor Blog is a great way to interact with others who may be going through or have gone through your experiences with Ovarian Cancer.

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Attend our events: We encourage those undergoing treatment or in remission to  participate in our events. There are always groups of survivors in attendance and it is a great way to meet others with similar situations. At each T.E.A.L.® event it is wonderful to see so many survivors together. Our events are attended by not only survivors but also caregivers, families and friends of those who've been touched by Ovarian Cancer. It's a great way to meet others who've gone through a similar experience. Go To Event Central Now.

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 Learn more about all of our T.E.A.L.® Internal Programs.

Clinical Trials

Tell Every Amazing Lady® Clinical Trial Navigation Service Call 855-216-0103 Monday-Friday 9am-6pmEST or email TEAL@emergingmed.com

We want you to be aware of all treatment options. Tell Every Amazing Lady is working with EmergingMed to offer you a way to take action - a free, unbiased, confidential, personalized service that helps you understand which ovarian clinical trials may be an option for you. Clinical trials are research studies that test how well new medical approaches work in people with early stage or advanced cancers. They have a natural place in your care as doctors strive to improve current ovarian treatments and search for new and better ones.

How does the service work? We help you quickly search for clinical trials that match your specific diagnosis and treatment history. We recommend that you search for clinical trial options before you begin your first treatment and again at any time you are faced with a new treatment decision. Our service helps you stay informed about all your choices. We never want to hear you say: "I wish I had known about that option earlier". The service is free, unbiased and completely confidential. We encourage you to call 855-216-0103 to find clinical trials that match your situation and to learn more about cancer research. Our clinical trial navigators are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm ET.

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Genetic Testing & Genetic Counseling

Find a Genetics Counselor in your area through the National Society of Genetic Counselors: http://nsgc.org/p/cm/ld/fid=164

Do you have a family history of Ovarian, Breast, Colon, or Endometrial cancer? Learn about Genetic testing today. Download this informational brochure created by ®T.E.A.L. in conjunction with Maimonides Medical Center

Find out about the Family Cancer Risk Assessment Program at New York Methodist Hospital

Want to learn more about your cancer risk? Take this hereditary cancer quiz to help you determine whether you should be further evaluated for either Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer syndrome or Lynch syndrome. 


Basser Center for BRCA

www.basser.org The Basser Center for BRCA at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center is the first comprehensive center for the research, treatment, and prevention of BRCA-related cancers. Devoted to advancing care for people affected by BRCA gene mutations, the Basser Center’s unique model provides funding for collaborative research, education, and outreach programs around the world. 

WISP: Women Choosing Surgical Prevention 

A study for women at high risk for ovarian cancer. Learn more here.


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Fertility Support

Speak to a professional in the New York City area to find out more about fertility preservation for women and men facing cancer treatment. www.genesisfertility.com/oncofertility.html

Or use these online resources to learn more about fertility options for those affected by cancer: www.myoncofertility.org,  oncofertility.northwestern.edu  

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Guidance and Support

Gilda’s Club / The Wellness Community: www.gildasclubnyc.org
A national support network with local NY branches that provides social and emotional support for people affected by cancer

Cancer Care:Phone Support 800/813-4673 www.cancercare.org
Offers over the phone and in person support by trained oncology social workers to those touched by cancer.

Share: http://www.sharecancersupport.org/ A local organization that gives support to those affected by breast and ovarian cancer through a network of breast and ovarian cancer survivors.

Woman To Woman: A one-to-one emotional support program at Mount Sinai Hospital as well as New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Sharsheret: http://www.sharsheret.org/ They offer guidance and support for women and families facing ovarian cancer.

Cancer and Careers: http://www.cancerandcareers.org/ is a national nonprofit that empowers and educates people with cancer to thrive in their workplace, by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events. The organization reaches more than 325,000 individuals per year online, in print and in person. Its free services include a comprehensive website and library of publications in English and Spanish; legal and insurance information; career coaching; resume review; professional development micro-grants; and national events and workshops for people with cancer and their healthcare providers, coworkers and employers.

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Home Support

  Cleaning for a Reason Provides four free general house cleanings to women aged 19 and above who are currently undergoing cancer treatment for any type of cancer. Application and eligibility information can be found on their website.

  God’s Love We Deliver is the New York metropolitan area’s leading provider of life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling for people living with severe illnesses. Begun as an HIV/AIDS service organization, today God’s Love provides for people living with more than 200 individual diagnoses. God’s Love cooks and home delivers the specific, nutritious meals a client’s severe illness and treatment so urgently require. Meals are individually tailored for each client by one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, and all clients have access to unlimited nutrition counseling. God’s Love supports families by providing meals for the children and senior caregivers of its clients. All of the agency’s services are provided free of charge, and in its history of 30 years of cooking and delivering more than 16 million meals, God’s Love We Deliver has never had a waiting list. This year, God’s Love will cook and deliver more than 1.4 million meals to 6,000 vulnerable New Yorkers.  For more information, visit godslovewedeliver.org. God’s Love is a non-sectarian organization.

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Diet and Nutrition

National Cancer Institute- Eating hints provides information about common eating problems experienced by patients during and after cancer treatment and various ways to manage them.

Dr. Oz Show-Provides a list of foods that are known to be protective against Ovarian Cancer.

Integrative Healing-Cancer Healing Odyssey-A personal recovery story written as inspiration and hope, for all those who have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking to combine conventional and alternative treatments to increase the likelihood of success in beating cancer.

Life Ice LifeIce is a natural bite-sized ice specially formulated with a variety of premium ingredients and nutrients. The founder of this product came up with the idea of LifeIce “cubette” during the time of her mother’s struggle with Ovarian Cancer who was given hydration and nutrition in the form of ice cubes which is often seen as soothing to patients going through chemotherapy. Use the DISCOUNT CODE "Teal15" to receive 15% OFF.

Cancer and Careers Publications (Digital and Printed publications available in English and Spanish)

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Beauty Support

New York University Wig Shop: NYU Langone Medical Center's Surgical Oncology Department has a wig shop for cancer patients called Underneath It All. Women undergoing cancer treatment who are experiencing hair loss can come in and consult with a hair stylist and choose from their wide variety of options.

Eazy Brow: Visit  Eazy Brow for products for those going through treatment.

Are you currently in treatment and live in the NYC area? Contact us for additional services by email info@tealwalk.org or by phone 917-310-4835

Cancer and Careers Publications (Digital and Printed publications available in English and Spanish)

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Financial Resources, Living Wills, Health Care Proxy, & Applying for Disability

Being Prepared is Smart-Being Prepared is Smart- PDF with information about what kind of financial plan you should have in place.

Beneficiary Checklist - PDF of a worksheet to help you organize your beneficiaries

Help for those dealing with the loss of a loved one- PDF with information

Six Steps to Organization- PDF about organizing important documents everyone should have

The Importance of Creating a Will - PDF with information

Five Wishes-An easy to use legal document written in everyday language that lets adults of all ages plan how they want to be cared for if they become seriously ill.

21st Century Care- Provides financial assistance and many other helpful resources. 

Cancer Care Offering limited Financial Assistance to people affected by cancer.

Make Time to Discuss Family Financial Matters - PDF from New York Life Agent

Applying for Disability Benefits with Ovarian Cancer - Webpage 

Cancer and Careers Publications (Digital and Printed publications available in English and Spanish):

Fifth Season Financial- Provides financial assistance and many other helpful resources.

Lotsa Helping Hands- An organization that provides an online tool to assist in organizing support. This free web-based service helps manage and simplify everyday tasks of family, friends, colleagues and neighbors wishing to help loved ones in need.

GYST- Provides financial assistance and many other helpful resources.

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